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As the first of our beginner committees, UNICEF concerns itself with children’s rights especially in developing countries. This committee will debate the future of our world’s leadership and its values by focusing on the future generations and what can be done for them and by them to achieve these goals.

Be trilingual and join our second beginner committee: the UN Human Rights Council! In this committee broad discussions will be held on topics surrounding the future of human rights and the many factors that play a role in this. Owing to its real-life composition and nature of its discussions, the UNHRC will feature more developing countries than other BIMUN committees. This committee offers the chance for you to debate in English, French or Spanish!


As the first advanced committee of BIMUN/SINUB 2022, the European Council is the conference’s Europe-specific committee where delegates take roles as heads of state of EU members. They will discuss the future of the EU and its leadership, and also social issues currently relevant in the bloc.

Join our expert committee: the International Labor Organization! As the oldest UN agency, ILO is responsible for agreements on international labor standards. This committee will have more technical discussions, focusing on the relationship between labor standards and (in)equality in both developed and less developed nations.


In the 2022 edition of our conference the UN Security Council will discuss the role of leadership and (in)equality in that leadership in current topics related to international peace and security. This will be our second advanced committee.

Last but not least, get ready to join our press team “BIMUN Tribune” covering the debates in the different committees of the conference and of course all the gossip behind closed doors. Get creative and influence the on-goings of the conference with your coverage!

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