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Certificate of Intercultural Competence
University of Bonn

The BIMUN Lecture Series is part of Studium Universale and a core component of the Certificate of Intercultural Competence program at the University of Bonn. Our program has been going strong since 2005 and has welcomed speakers from across Germany and around the world.


How can I get the BIMUN Lecture Series to count toward my Certificate of Intercultural Competence?

Component B:

1.  Attend at least ten of the thirteen lectures held per semester.
2. Write a brief reflection on each lecture (~250 words, Arial 12, 1.5 spacing). At the top of the sheet, please include your name and email address. Weekly reflections should include the date of attendance, name of lecturer, and title of presentation.
3. At the end of the semester, submit your reflections to the Lecture Series Director(s) via email at (before March 31st for the Winter Semester 2023/24).
4. The Lecture Series Director(s) will review your submission. If the reflections meet the qualifications listed in points one, two, and three, a digital Certificate of Participation will be sent to you in PDF format.
5. Upload both your reflections and the digital Certificate of Participation to your Mobility-Online Profile for review by the International Office.

Component D:

1. You can also collect 2.5 points for each lecture toward Component D2 if they have not already been counted toward component B. To get credit for attending individual lectures, write a brief reflection (~250 words, Arial 12, 1.5 spacing) and submit them to the Lecture Series Director(s) in accordance with guidelines 2 and 3 (above). You will not receive a Certificate of Attendance for attending individual lectures under component D2. If your brief reflection meets the requirements stated in guidelines 2 and 3, the Lecture Series Director(s) will respond to your submission via email to certify your attendance. The email response can be uploaded to Mobility-Online under Component D2.
2. If you attend all twelve of this semester’s lectures you can get full credit for Component B (by attending 10 of the 12 lectures) AND 5 points toward Component D2 (2.5 for each of the two remaining lectures attended).  Points cannot be counted twice. For example, if you count a lecture toward Component B, it cannot also be counted toward Component D2.

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