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At a MUN = Model United Nations, young students step into the shoes of a diplomat for a couple of hours during a week.

The core idea is to simulate the debates of real United Nations bodies, like the Security Council.

In the role of "delegates“, you will get the chance to debate current political issues and social problems according to the rules of a real UN debate. During the MUN, the participants do not state their own points of view but represent the position of a country’s government. While trying to find common ground and elaborate on possible solutions for the issue at hand, the delegates work in groups to draft a Resolution according to actual UN-Resolutions.
Besides the country’s representatives, journalists are present during the debates to report on the development of the committees‘ work and to hold delegates for their statements accountable.

Through this experience, young people have the great chance to live diplomacy first hand, develop an understanding of the dynamics within the work of the United Nations, and learn how to negotiate and compromise. 

What is MUN?
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