The Advisory Board consists of former Executive Board members who take care of the long term perspectives of BIMUN/SINUB and support the current Board. Furthermore, the Advisory Board keeps track of the BIMUN/SINUB alumni work.

You can find all current Advisory Board Members below. If you would like to contact the Advisory Board, please send an e-mail to:  kuratorium(at)

  Henning Dieckow

(Board 2015)

 Christina Rupp (Board 2015)
 Miriam Mecnarowski (Board 2015)
  Franz Lentner (Board 2016)
  Alina Eltgen (Board 2017)
  Jaqueline Wendel (Board 2017)
  Karina Blommen (Kuratoriumssprecherin, Board 2017)
  Christian Richter (Board 2017)
  Peter Pelzer (Board 2017)