BIMUN/SINUB e.V. organizes a weekly Lecture Series for everyone who is interested in politics, economics or environmental issues. It takes place every Wednesday in lecture hall XV (15) of the university’s main building at 6:15pm (only during the semester/lecture period).  

Der BIMUN/SINUB e.V. organisiert eine wöchentlich Vorlesungsreihe, zu der alle Interessierten herzlich eingeladen sind. Sie findet jeden Mittwoch um 18:15h (nur in der Vorlesungszeit) in Hörsaal XV (15) im Hauptgebäude der Universität statt. 

Most of the lectures will be held in German!

Die meisten Vorlesungen werden auf Deutsch gehalten!


+++ Programmänderungen sind möglich! +++


Topic of this year’s conference and lecture series:

The Changing Face of International Leadership- The increasing Importance of Civil Society

Since Donald Trump became U.S. president, it is obvious that unexpected and partly not understandable changing leaderships are part of our society and age. Additionally, to the Trump administration, Brexit or the Erdogan administration, were not predictable either. Even if all of these decisions have been made democratically, most people cannot understand how it came that far.

In order, to these changes the Civil Society has to take action and defend our democracy and human rights. According, to the Model United Nation conference in November 2017, the lecture series ‚The Changing Face of International Leadership – The increasing Importance of Civil Society‘ by BIMUN/ SINUB e.V., is directly concerned with these topics. Reasons and interrelations of global changing leaderships will be explained and explicit happenings as Trump, Erdogan or Brexit will be elucidated. Moreover, the consequences for Europe but also for developing countries will be pointed out. The aim is to provide knowledge about the connection of these changing administrations to the civil society’s actions. And to show how the civil society can encourage our democracy, economy and global development.


Programme for the winter semester 2017/18:
 18.10.2017 Introduction & Get Together (8pm/20h!!)
 25.10.2017 Movie: „The Borneo Case“ (2016) & discussion
 01.11.2017 Feiertag // Holiday
 08.11.2017  „Changing power relations: How North, South, and civil society strive for influence at the United Nations“ – Dr. Max Baumann
 15.11.2017 „(Verhaltens-)Ökonomische Betrachtungen für ein effektiveres zivilgesellschaftliches Engagement“ – Diskussion
 22.11.2017 „Receding Democracy- How the Erdogan Administration affects Turkey’s Civil Society“ – Baha Güngor
 29.11.2017 „Effects of Changing Leaderships on Global Politics‘ Action- Exemplified by the G20 Summit 2017 in Hamburg“ – Dr. Axel Berger
 06.12.2017  „Nearly One Year of Trump Administration – Changes for the Civil Society in the U.S. and around the World“ – Dr. Andrew B. Denison
 13.12.2017  „Who or What is the Civil Society? Means and Instruments for a Better World in Terms of Saving Democracy and Human Rights“ – Christoph Bals
 20.12.2017  „Shaping  Civil Society – How Politics and (Social) Media can Control Actions of the Civil Society“ – Sascha Foerster
10.01.2017  „The Civil Society’s Influential Power on the Government – Procedures of Addressing the Government Directly and Effectively“ – Norbert Steinhaus
17.01.2017  „The Interrelation of the Civil Society’s Activities and the Improvement of Economic Development“ – Dr. Michael Grömling
25.01.2017 “Measuring the Effectiveness of the Civil Society’s Actions- Proven by Historical Achievements” – Kristof Niese




Summer semester 2017:

Realizing the Agenda 2030: How to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals Innovations, Ideas, Solutions

26.04.2017 – 19.07.2017

For information about the former lecture series, please contact s.koechling(at)