+ The programme for the winter semester will be announced soon +

+ Das Programm für das WiSe 2017 wird demnächst veröffentlicht +


BIMUN/SINUB e.V. organises a weekly Lecture Series for everyone who is interested into politics, economics or environmental issues. It takes place every Wednesday in lecture hall XII of the university’s main building at 6:15pm (during semester).  

Der BIMUN/SINUB e.V. organisiert eine wöchentlich Vorlesungsreihe, zu der alle Interessierten herzlich eingeladen sind. Sie findet jeden Mittwoch um 18:15h (in der Vorlesungszeit) in Hörsaal XII im Hauptgebäude der Universität statt. 


Most of the lectures will be held in German!

Die meisten Vorlesungen werden auf Deutsch gehalten!


+++ Programmänderungen sind möglich! +++


Programme for the summer semester 2017:

„Realizing the Agenda 2030: How to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals Innovations, Ideas, Solutions“


Auftaktveranstaltung: 26.04.2017 Einführungsveranstaltung/ Infoveranstaltung BIMUN Lecture Series

03.05.2017 How can we communicate the Agenda 2030 effectively and encourage people to take action?

10.05.2017 The importance of the local level in pushing the Agenda 2030 forward

17.05.2017 The influence of social media on society and how social media can support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

24.05.2017 The ethics of data collection and ways to use data beneficially in order to reach the Agenda 2030

31.05.2017 Strategies of financing global development in a fair manner

07.06.2017  The importance of gender equality and realizing women’s rights to reach other Sustainable Development Goals

14.06.2017 How to connect economic growth with environmental sustainability?

21.06.2017 Is global peacebuilding still possible or an illusion?

28.06.2017 Overcoming inequalities and social gaps on a local and global level

05.07.2017 Disadvantages and benefits of globalization- how to make use of its effects for overcoming barriers and reaching the Sustainable Development Goals

12.07.2017 Food security- ways to create sufficient living standards on a global level

19.07.2017 Making the government accountable- Collaboration of NGOs and the Government to distribute to the Agenda 2030