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Lecture Series
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12th April, 2023 - Online Introduction

BIMUN/SINUB e.V., Certificate for Intercultural Competence, Presentation of the Semester Theme "Hand-in-hand: Multilateralism in a New Age of Geopolitical Conflict"

Anastasia Siebers (BIMUN 2023 Presidency) and Maxim Peters (Vice Presidency)
Selina Weskamp (International Office of Bonn University)

Michelle Müller and Ada Spieß (BIMUN Activities Department)

19th April, 2023 - Online Lecture

Digital sovereignty and the quest of meaningful human control

Prof. Dr. Matthias Braun

Faculty of Protestant Theology

26th April, 2023 - Online Lecture

Work/Service Balance: Prioritizing Non-Profit Service in a For-Profit Landscape

Natalie Stevens, MBA

Global Co Lab Network & MorganFranklin Consulting

3rd May, 2023 - Online Lecture

War in Sudan. Causes, dynamics and lessons from international engagement.

Dr. Gerrit Kurtz

Africa and Middle East Division

German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Politik)

10th May, 2023 - Online Lecture

Revisiting the Window of Vulnerability (in memory of Dorothee Sölle)

Rev. Heekyung Jeong, M.Div., M.A.

PhD Researcher in Intercultural Theology, University of Mainz, Faculty of Protestant Theology

17th May, 2023 - Online Lecture

Structural Violence, Forced Assimilation & The Boarding School Era

Benjamin Jacuk, M.Div. and Th.M.

Alaska Native Heritage Center

24th May, 2023 - Dies Academicus

The boundless complexity of everyday life in Afghanistan in Summer 2021. POV of a filmmaker.

Andreas Rochholl

Zeitgenössische Oper/ Crossgen Media

31st May, 2023 - Pentecost


7th June, 2023 - Online Lecture

Questions raised to multilateralism by asymmetrical dependencies among Pakistani migrants in Italy's "informal labour sector"

Ayesha Hussain, MPhil, MSc, MBA 

PhD Researcher, University of Bonn

Center for Dependency & Slavery Studies

14th June, 2023 - Online Lecture

Politics as Religion. Traces of the Sacred in Secular States

Seraphim Kirjuhin

21st June, 2023 - Online Lecture

The Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons as a Multilateral Approach for a Safer World

Juliane Hauschulz

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) Germany

28th June, 2023

Ukrainian Orthodox and Catholics Facing the Russian Invasion

Dr. Pavlo Smytsnyuk

Princeton University, Department of Religion and Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

5th July, 2023

Lecture title TBA

Victoria Turner, MTh

PhD Candidate in World Christianity, University of Edinburgh, School of Divinity

12th July, 2023 - Online Lecture

Lecture title TBA
Clara Dinkelbach, MA

Julius Koenig

Center for Global Studies Bonn

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Mission of the Lecture Series: The mission of the BIMUN/SINUB, e.V. Lecture Series is to make current happenings in politics, international affairs, and public policy come alive for students and friends of the University of Bonn.


Time & Location: Our weekly lecture series takes place on Wednesdays from 18:15h to 19:15h (6:15 to 7:15 p.m.) Berlin Time. Due to their international orientation, the lecture series will mainly take place on ZOOM. Some lectures can take place in presence - this will be announced via our instagram channel and on this website.

Join the Zoom Meeting:


Meeting-ID: 835 8329 6989

Password: 202324

University Partnership & History: The BIMUN Lecture Series is part of Studium Universale and a core component of the Certificate of Intercultural Competence program at the University of Bonn. Our program has been going strong since 2005 and has welcomed speakers from across Germany and around the world.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Global organizations employ interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving in the realm of international affairs and public policy. The BIMUN Lecture Series reflects this commitment by providing a space for scholars of various disciplines to reflect upon a unified theme.

The theme for the 2023 Summer Semester is

“Hand-in-hand: Multilateralism in a New Age of Geopolitical Conflict”


Language of Lectures: Lectures are held in either German or English based on the preference of the guest speaker.

Emerging Scholars Initiative (ESI): In celebration of the UN 75 / Lecture Series 15 dual anniversary in the 2020/2021 winter semester, we launched a program called the Emerging Scholars Initiative which continued until the 2021 summer semester. The results of the past few years of work will be presented at this semester's Lecture Series by former LS director David Smith. More information TBA.

For questions or comments, reach out to

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