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United Nations Security Council

"The United Nations Charter established six main organs of the United Nations, including the Security Council. It gives primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security to the Security Council, which may meet whenever peace is threatened.

According to the Charter, the United Nations has four purposes:

  • to maintain international peace and security;

  • to develop friendly relations among nations;

  • to cooperate in solving international problems and in promoting respect for human rights;

  • and to be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations.

All members of the United Nations agree to accept and carry out the decisions of the Security Council. While other organs of the United Nations make recommendations to member states, only the Security Council has the power to make decisions that member states are then obligated to implement under the Charter."

- cf.: Website of the UNSC,


Topic A

Battle in the Sky - The Sino-Indian Border Dispute and the Line of Actual Control (LAC)


Topic B

Back to the Drawing Board - Reflecting on the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in light of MONUSCO

  • China

  • Russian Federation

  • The United States of America

  • Brazil

  • Ecuador

  • Ghana

  • Japan

  • Mozambique

  • United Arab Emirates

  • France

  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • Albania

  • DRC (observer)

  • Gabon

  • India (observer)

  • Malta

  • Switzerland

Seraphim Kirjuhin

Seraphim .jpeg

Seraphim is a BIMUN member. His first MUN experience was co-organizing the BIMUN/SINUB Conference back in 2021 and the BIMUN Lectures Series 2021/22. During his first conference, he had a blast observing the debates, talking to people, and dancing together during the socials like there was no tomorrow.
Long story short - he was immediately hooked. Currently, he is writing his thesis on the sacredness of power while comparing ancient Indian philosophical texts with the Old Testament. Besides that, he is a huge history and politics buff and he will most likely get into long convos with you during the socials.
Talking about other interests, he has got three letters for you: MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) - have you seen the latest Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

Steven De Keyser

Steven is a 20-year-old student from Belgium, currently studying comparative and international politics at the KULeuven. With a never-ending curiosity and fascination for all things related to the humanities, he is always eager to expand his horizon. His journey as a MUN’er started 2 years ago when he joined KULMUN, and he has been in love ever since. His passion for MUN’ing has now led him to BIMUN for an exciting first chairing experience!

In his free time, he loves listening to music (old and new), he tries desperately to go through his never-ending to-be-read pile, and loves meeting up with his friends to grab a chococino or have a late-night Mcdonald's trip.

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