The A-Team (Activity-Team) of BIMUN/SINUB organizes regular meetings, where all MUN (Model United Nations) enthusiasts and interested people can get to know each other and learn about our association, the United Nations and the world of MUNing. We look forward to meeting you!


During the semester in the lecture period

20:15h – 21:30h (afterwards: Café Blau)


Übungsraum 1 (Room 2.057, 2nd floor, main building, University of Bonn)

(Café Blau: Franziskanerstraße 9, 53113 Bonn)

Programme: (summer term 2018)
11.04.2018 8pm Café Blau
 18.04.2018 Introduction BIMUN/SINUB
 25.04.2018 Meet the UN: UNRIC talk with Isabell Hofstaetter
 02.05.2018  UN Human Rights Council Simulation preparation
 09.05.2018 UN Human Rights Council Simulation – Death Penalty
11.05.2018 Simulation in the ZEF*
 16.05.2018  (Outcome) Documents at MUNs
Dies Academicus der Universität
 23.05.2018  Feiertag // Holiday
 30.05.2018 (Cologne) MUN Preparation
 06.06.2018 MUN tips&tricks
 13.06.2018 Security Council Simulation Preparation
20.06.2018 Security Council Simulation: Israel and Palestine conflict
27.06.2018 Café Blau
04.07.2018 funny debate
11.07.2018 BerlInMUN Preparation & barbeque

*Please register for the simulation between 02.05.- 10.05. via eMail at
If you have any questions, please contact us via Facebook or send us an email to