When: 20:15h – 21:30h (afterwards: Café Blau)

Where: Übungsraum 1 (2nd floor, main building, University of Bonn)

First meeting: 18.10.2017 (Introduction)

(Café Blau: Franziskanerstraße 9, 53113 Bonn)

 18.10.2017  Introduction
 25.10.2017  The UN City of Bonn and the COP23
 27.10.2017 (Friday)*  Deutsche Welle (Ausflug/ trip)
 01.11.2017  Feiertag/Holiday
 08.11.2017  The Science of MUNing (Rules of Procedures)
 10.11.2017 (Friday)*  MUN-Workshop (training: Mock Debate)
 15.11.2017  The Art of Resolutions
 22.11.2017  Pre-Conference Drinks (Café Blau)
 29.11.2017  After-Conference Drinks (Café Blau)

* Please remember to send an email to a.team@bimun.org to register for the trip to the Deutsche Welle and for the MUN-Workshop!


The A-Team organizes regular meetings, where all MUN (Model United Nations) enthusiasts and interested people can get to know each other and learn about our association, the United Nations and the world of MUNing. We look forward to meeting you!

If you have any questions, please contact us on Facebook or send us an email (a.team@bimun.org).