The A-Team (Activity-Team) of BIMUN/SINUB organizes regular meetings, where all MUN (Model United Nations) enthusiasts and interested people can get to know each other and learn about our association, the United Nations and the world of MUNing. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to prepare for MUN-conferences around the globe, especially the BIMUN/SINUB-Conference in November in Bonn.

We look forward to meeting you!


During the semester in the lecture period

20:15h – 21:30h (afterwards: Café Blau)


Übungsraum 1 (Room 2.057, 2nd floor, main building, University of Bonn)

(Café Blau: Franziskanerstraße 9, 53113 Bonn)

Programme: (winter term 2018)
17.10.2018 Introduction BIMUN/SINUB e.V.
 24.10.2018 Simulation preparation EU-Turkey relations
 31.10.2018 Simulation European Council EU-turkey relations
 07.11.2018  Workshop Internationaler Club/Café Blau
 10.11.2018 Workshop: Establishment of a Kurdish State (at ZEF)*
14.11.2018. (Outcome) Documents at MUNs
 21.11.2018  MUN Tips & Tricks
23.11.- 27.11. BIMUN/SINUB-Conference
 28.11.2018  Café Blau
 05.12.2018 Fun debate 
 12.12.2018 Weihnachtsfeier (&continuation of fun debate)
 19.12.2018 Mock debate
09.01.2018 First BIMUN/SINUB-PubQuiz ever
16.01.2018 Student association BIMUN/SINUB & people behind it
23.01.2018  Kegeln im Anno
30.01.2018 Celebrate end of semester @Café Blau
  • 16 January Who are the people behind BIMUN/SINUB? Are you interested in joining our student association but have no idea how it works? Join the get together to find out more about BIMUN/SINUB and what we do besides MUNing.
  • 23 January We officially start the new year with our traditional „Kegeln im Anno“. Join us for a rather oldie but Goldie among German free time hobbies. Who will score the highest „house number“??
  • 30 January Meeting @Café Blau to end the semester together

If you have any questions, please contact us via Facebook or send us an email to