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Become a journalist!

This is not a "normal" committee!

As a journalist, you won't represent a specific country and debate with other delegates about certain topics. Instead, you will observe the debates and report on different channels about those debates.

Niklas Kemmerzell


Let us introduce Niklas Kemmerzell, one of our Editors-in-Chief of Tribune. Niklas has studied History and English Studies in the beautiful city of Bonn.
With BIMUN/SINUB being his native conference, this year will be his fifth time participating in Germany's former capital. Now, however, as Editor-in-Chief organizing and guiding the press team, Niklas will take up his first position in the secretariat. He looks back at five years of journalistic and media experience and looks forward to shaping the BIMUN/SINUB Conference in 2023 together with his dear colleague Leonie.
Niklas highly recommends Bonn's MUN Conference for beginners as well as more experienced students. To quote him directly:

“Clear skies to you, and I hope to welcome you to my team soon!”

Leonie Quentmeier

Our other Editor-in-Chief of Tribune is Leonie Quentmeier. Leonie is a social worker from Germany and finished her second bachelor's degree in political sciences this summer.
Over the years, she attended many MUNs in different roles. This year will be Leonie's second time being an Editor-in-Chief.When she is not working or studying, Leonie enjoys concerts and music festivals, and sometimes she joins productions in the local theatre as an extra. For many years, she has also been part of a small local group of hobby journalists covering cultural events in her home city.

BIMUN/SINUB was Leonie's very first conference in 2016, and she is always happy to come back to Bonn.

She hopes to see you at BIMUN/SINUB 2023!

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