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The Role of Journalism - In a Political Context

Journalism is essentially a key part of the functioning of world politics. The political system of the United Nations depends heavily on communication. Journalists play a decisive role in informing and educating the population on policies, choices, allegiances, and everything else that influences political decision making. The Media in its various aspects today is the transporter of such information and the work of journalists is crucial to guarantee transparency as well as accountability.

Joining the Media Team for the BIMUN/SINUB Conference in November gives you the opportunity to try out the role of journalist in a political context. The journalists will cover the debates of the other committees and gather other relevant information on topics as well as the people making the decisions at the conference. Their reports will be published in the BIMUN Tribune, our own annual news outlet and on the Tribunes Social Media Pages. You will be able to work creatively and learn to write engaging stories about a wide range of contemporary topics. This will be your chance to get an intriguing insight into the multi-facetted and exciting world of media coverage and journalism.

Join our Editors-in-Chief Niklas and Leonie in the quest to make an impact with relevant reporting as well as having fun knowing everything that is going on!

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