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  • Lena Mäder

A short interview with the United States of America:

Why is it so important to conserve Crop Wild Relatives (CWR)?

In the opinion of the US, it is important to seek out all different kinds of plans we have on the world nature in order to improve our agricultural output and the opportunities we have in our agricultural industry. It’s important because using the knowledge we gain from crop wild relatives we can actually improve human rights.

What are your expectations for this new topic?

The US expects this debate to be a bit more controversial than the last topic actually even though it is way more specific, there might be some bigger discrepancies in the opinion of nations

What are the challenges of this topic?

The most pressing challenge probably is finding a balance between conserving by diversity and not screwing up the economy.

What do you think about the idea of another data platform, this time for CWR?

The US is not sure weather its necessary to create a new platform for that, it might be a waste of resources just access the existing platforms differently.

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