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  • Lena Mäder

A short Interview with Burkina Faso:

In your speech you clearly represented the opinion, that the respective data must be given voluntarily. But the less information is given (e.g., soil analysis), the higher the loss of quality of AI.

That is true, but we want to counteract that. If you give data, you also have the option of the data being processed into improvements for your motives or fertilization of your soil. Furthermore, the handing out of the data should be combined with financial incentives, especially in developing countries you could give them money in exchange for data. These would be quite viable points in the eyes of the delegation of Burkina Faso and if you don’t contribute you don’t get the answers. Only by contributing to the set of data you’ll be able to gain knowledge out of it.

How do you guarantee that each an everyone gets the same quality of data, especially since lots of them don’t own a Smartphone or have access to the internet?

That is one of the most critical points in the entire discussion we guess. There are several solutions. One of the most pressing issues is the lack of an infrastructure there, so therefore measurements with the precision that is required are not able to be taken right now. Also, there might be some private corporation that will do this analysis maybe by incentivizing them with a profit sponsored by funds from this committee for example in order for them to deliver the technology and then collect the data.

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