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  • Lena Mäder

A short interview with the Republic of the Philippines

After spending some time on the Working Paper, do you think it is now good enough to be a Draft Resolution?

Obviously, it was a blow that the first attempt didn’t quite go through, but we have been improving it and working on it and we are absolutely certain that now it will be satisfactory to the secretary general.

Looking back on the Working Paper, which parts have been a compromise and which ones were good for you?

In international politics you always have to make compromises to ensure a good culture of working together. As a sponsor for it we tried to make sure the clauses were in everyone’s interest and would focus on the common ground we have found in the discussion. In the end I can proudly say that the Delegation of the Philippines are very content with the outcome of each clause, and I believe the other delegations are very content as well.

How was your overall view over the debate for the past two days?

It was certainly tough at times, but we can all be very proud that we have found common ground and have acted upon it and never lost the ability to compromise and find a dialogue. Hopefully at this point we can say that at least a majority of the countries, hopefully all the countries are happy with the standings right now.

What are your expectations on the next topic?

To be honest we haven’t heard that much yet, we’ve had the opening speeches and some moderated caucuses, but I feel like there is a lot of common ground considering the next topic and I feel like we will find a good solution that works rather quickly.

Which points about Crop Wild Relatives will be de biggest points of contention?

Probably the usual things like is it going to be on a national level, regional or even global level, privatization vs the public sector, but I believe these are all obstacles we can overcome.

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