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  • Lena Mäder

A short interview with the Kingdom of Spain:

How would you assure data security within your data platform?

From our point of view, it can be done by private companies, but they have to be trusted and a Non-Governmental Organization, so that they are not influenced by any government. These NGOs can work alongside computer scientists to provide a secure data use and prevent harmful inputs.

Since we are talking about huge amounts of data will there be a cooperation with the big-tech companies like Amazon or Google? Aren’t those the very companies that make headlines with data abuse?

That’s a problem we must face, that most big companies know how they could potentially misuse the personal data. However, there are some companies, which are small, that specialize on securing data, and they work a lot with the police, for example. They are often located in the southeast or Iran, so this could also help. In other way, this could possible secure that no big company and/or country has a big impact in the hiring of specialists all over the world. So the solution would be rather to have multiple smaller business than minimal large ones.

Will the organization in control be the UN or the local government?

From our point of view, it is best to put it in the hands of the UN, so the government of the concerned countries can’t benefit from it.

Doesn’t that cause an unhealthy dependence from the UN? Wouldn't it be better if there was someone closer to the problem?

In terms of securing the data it is better to have a distance rather than someone who uses that data. The people who use the data can’t use it to benefit themselves. The UN as an organization on top of all of these is very independent and is safe from conflicts.

How would the UN decide which areas are getting help and which are not?

We as Spain want to help all of them, we want a global project, however as we already mentioned in the committee session, it’s hard for some less developed countries to benefit from it. Some of the people are illiterate so they can’t read what is on the app or don’t even have the infrastructure like WIFI or a phone to get the information. We as the UN must work on a concept that really everyone on this planet can benefit from it.

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Unknown member
Nov 28, 2021

If "trustworthy" private companies or NGOs can provide data security, what does this mean for the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), which is an independent public agency?

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