Be trilingual! BIMUN/SINUB 2021 offers you in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) committee the possibility to debate in Spanish, French and English. UNDP's main goal is to eradicate poverty but the programs general interest is far beyond: in about 170 countries and territories it operates to reduce all forms of inequality and exclusion. The topic of the committee will be related to women's rights.

"We are what we eat" - it is extremely important to eat good food to keep ourselves healthy. And we are the ones that are responsible for the way our food supply and agriculture is organized. We make up the rules and in consideration of new possibilities with the raising digitalization we should pursue sustainable solution to live our lives.


Be one of Europe's leaders and join the Council of the European Union at BIMUN/SINUB 2021. As one of 27 ministers in the Council of Ministers you will decide about the questions of our daily lives in the digital world. Deal with nothing less than its game rules, a modern understanding of how human rights should and could be protected in our online world. Work yourself through artificial  intelligence, privacy rights and various ethical questions.

"When the ice breaks, you will truly know who is your friend and who is your enemy." This proverb of the indigenous people of the Arctic sums up the current situation in the Arctic Ocean. With the increasing melting of the ice in the wake of climate change, the true friendships and enmities in this region are now to be revealed in the crisis committee.


As every year the conference will be covered by active reporting of BIMUN Tribune - an ingredient for exciting debates which should never be missed out. As a journalist you will have the ability to influence the results of the conference. You will decide which chairs, delegates or resolutions you want to report on and how. Use your influence in a responsible way - or lose trust.