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The ExCom, the backbone of the conference.

The most important ingredient in creating a successful and fun Model United Nations Conference is time. Although the process may not seem time-consuming on the outside, the preparation of this conference started back in March; nine months ago.

The Executive Committee (ExCom), composed by eight departments, each focusses on a specific thing, has been meeting on a weekly basis and in several occasions, more than once a week. In these meetings, both minor and significant details needed to be address. From the colors in the placards, to the hygiene concept due to the pandemic along with several other details that might not even come to mind. During these meetings everything from fundraising to decoration has to be planned.

As you can imagine, this requires a lot of time, discipline and dedication. But organizing an MUN conference needs a lot more than that, as it actually is more difficult than it might seem. Not only every detail has to be decided upon but also funded. They have to take care of the financing of the food, interpreters, venues, socials as well as everyday-needs for the organization. This is possible by the ExCom mostly by finding sponsors. Besides from this, they also have to find suitable venues for socials and the conference itself. In order to fill these venues with people, BIMUN has to produce ads, keep a good and steady social media presence, hold Lectures and BIMUN representatives have to be present at many international events in Bonn and the whole region, as well as other MUN conferences.

These challenges are made even harder, given the fact that all ExCom members are students and they have to juggle their university responsibilities and their ExCom responsibilities. Something that also makes the challenge even harder is that all ExCom members are organizing a MUN for the first time as the Board changes every year. They just joined the organization and have no prior experience; they have only their own effort and the occasional help of the former ExCom members.

This is only a small recount about why we owe the ExCom much gratitude for outstandingly withstanding this challenge and giving us this joyful opportunity to reconnect in person after almost two years of online MUNs.

Congratulations to the ExCom for after nine months of planning and executing, finally achieving something so big and wonderful. This conference wouldn’t have been possible without all of you and your hard work, specially taking into consideration the hard circumstances in which we find ourselves right now. After 9 months, the dream of a successful conference came true!

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