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  • Lena Mäder

About last night...

On Sunday night we had the pleasure of seeing all kinds of costumes at the N8schicht Club, such as our astronauts, Cosmo & Wanda, Jesus, Dorothy and many more. Several drinks and bottles ended up on the floor, but this did not dampen the mood in the club. There was a wide variety of music being played and requests were eagerly accepted by the DJ. Unfortunately the Swiss delegation had to accept that well-known national favorites such as '079' were not within the possibilities. Talking about the Swiss I think we can all agree that the best dance moves came from the delegate of Bulgaria of the CoEU, who improved everyone’s mood with them. As the evening progressed, some discovered foosball (table football), while others continued showing off their dancing skills on the main floor. Obviously, the most interesting part was the gossip. Have you been eavesdropping and found out something worth telling? Spill the tea and add an anonymous post to our gossip box! Keep in mind, sharing is caring.

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