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  • Lara-Joyce Käser

Interview with the Slovak Republic

Yesterday you were teaming up with Poland and Bulgaria, among others, with whom you were working on a Working Paper, but why do you have not submitted one yet?

We think it is smarter that when we want to cooperate to look at the Working Paper of Ireland and to vote the things, we do not want in this working paper out. So, we can cooperate better and speed up the debate in order to we can act faster.

What are the main points your delegation disagrees on with the other alliance of delegates?

We think it is not necessary to implement another institution in the European Union that observes artificial intelligence in general. It is kind of oppressive and something that would hinder competitiveness and would limit the autonomy of the Slovak Republic, Poland and the other few states that do not want this kind of EU constitution.

That means the Slovak Republic does not want a strict implementation?

Yes, we are fine with some guidelines after which the EU Members can change their own laws. But we will not accept some kind of regulation in form of an institution.

How do you think it can be secured that the regulations on ethical prospects will be implemented, if not through strict rules?

There are ethical issues we all agree on and for these issues we have the guidelines. Hence, there are a lot of issues of which the countries have different ethical views and so it is important we can stay autonomous regarding our ethics.

Regarding the competition in the EU and worldwide, are you afraid of falling behind China and the US because of implementing stricter regulations?

It is one of our biggest missions to head up with China and the United States. That is why it is really important that we work together, restrictions would only harm that. It is important to support, to connect and to educate our people so we can succeed at this challenge.

Education is also a major point in the submitted Working Paper.

This is one point we want to debate. They have a lot of good points we agree on, but some need to be revised.

So, you cannot agree on one way to approach AI in the educational system?

We want no regulations on it. The EU is an alliance of allies and not an oppressive force. It is important that we support us financially and with networking, but we do not want regulations that we have to implement in our educational systems because of the differences between educational systems within the member states.

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