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  • Lara-Joyce Käser

Interview with the Republic of Austria

How do you feel like the negotiations are going so far for your delegation?

We believe they are going quite well. We recognize most of the points of the Working Paper. We worked on it together with the other delegations but then decided to become a signatory instead of a sponsor because we do not agree with the position that AI should not be included into decision processes. As the Netherlands and we do not agree on this point, we will definitely try to get the other delegations on our side, we are not sure if this will work out though.

You were pushing that European Law will be implemented in every Member State, so the EU functions as a judge. Do you still want to get this through or have you kind of given up on that?

We are definitely still in strong opinion of this being the correct way because only that way we can ensure the competitiveness between the EU Member States. So, there is the same option for every country. We believe that the Working Paper is in favor of creating rules for all member states.

You already mentioned the competition between the States. How do you want to find a balance between regulating AI and on the other hand securing the future of AI in the EU?

We understand that partners might disagree with the regulations that are going to be set by the EU. But if AI does not push human centric ambitions, then we do not believe that the product of AI works on an ethical baseline. We do want to regulate AI but only AI that is not human centered, not ethical, not lawful and not robust. We believe all companies that are not in favor of this have problematic AI in general. We only want to push AI into being in favor of humans and not against humans.

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