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  • Elena Grozdanovska

Day One in the Security Council: Throwbacks to the Cold War

The UN Security Council managed to cover a lot of ground in today’s sessions, providing for a lively, yet at times tense exchange between the representatives of the different Member States. While everyone seemed to have the best interests of the concerned indigenous communities and the environment in mind, the delegations of the most powerful players on the Council: the US, China and Russia, have locked horns and have no intention of backing down on the most pressing issues. The military tensions in the Arctic Circle have only intensified since the beginning of the discussions: it seems the delegations are in the mood to shake things up even further.

The Chinese proposal to form an Arctic Coast Guard was met with widespread disapproval, while an Arctic Caucus decided to reject China’s attempts to join in on its private discussions. This was met with grave objections on the part of China, claiming its attempts at cooperation were met only with hostility by the Arctic Council towards its advancements in the region.

The cause of the incident onboard the USS Jacksonville remains unclear. The debate goes on, overshadowed by bickering between the Big Three: China, USA and Russia. While this scenario does make us reminisce over Cold War days, it remains to be seen whether these three global powers will succeed in putting their differing interests aside to the benefit of the greater good, in a time where mutually assured destruction seems more imminent than ever before.

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