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  • Lena Mäder

Confident, loud and a little bit hungover- this is Ana Victoria Martin Corral

I am very pleased to introduce you to one of the ExCom Members, Ana Victoria Martin Corral, also called the foreign minister of MUNUSAL, and share some unusual and maybe unknown facts about her. To start with some of the basic points, she just turned 26 years old and is currently doing her residency as a doctor in obstetrics and gynecology. Even though she is busy with her job, she couldn’t quit MUN since she loves the people and the atmosphere, which is something we can totally understand. In BIMUN she’s creating problems in the backroom to keep the Crisis Committee busy, whose reactions to the situations have been worth all the work. Today she wore a dress that is very special to her, since it was specially made for her med-school graduation by a designer in Salamanca. It’s blue and silver, and since she likes it so much, she’s still wearing it during the conferences. This has been a special BIMUN experience for her since she was named the next secretary general of KULMUN, something she was able to celebrate on the dance floor at the Gala while listening to “Kaptein”. On that note, it’s worth knowing that she knows the lyrics to an impressive number of songs. When asked what state she would most likely get rid of, the answer was: “The hangover state” – same girl, same. This might also be quite in tune with her last WhatsApp message which read: “It is always the Jenever (Belgium brandy)!” But after some thought she would eliminate Tuvalu because “no one would care”. Well, I guess the 11000 inhabitants of Tuvalu can be happy that she’s not really deciding to do that. If Ana had to start a business it would be opening her own clinic, as the cupcake store is no option due to a lack of baking skills. Making wise decisions like this is part of her having Hermione Granger as her favorite fictional character. When it comes to naming her boat, she would call it Queen Ana of course; maybe that’s the reason why she wants to steal the crown of the Queen of England. That confidence may help when she meets Tom Hiddleston, to whom she gives a rating of 10/10. But her selflessness was shown when she was asked about what she wanted to ask if she could get the absolute truth as an answer. She answered with: “I would ask what the cure to cancer is”. Concerning food her opinion is very clear. Cereal could never be considered a soup, since it’s warm and can be eaten without milk, but she likes pineapple on pizza, even though most hate it. Less clear was the decision between a big party or a small gathering, since she wants to dance but also takes some time to talk on a couch. Her favorite three scents are a variety of spices, her perfume from Ralph Lauren and the fresh smell of soap after a shower. She’s getting very strict when it comes to rules and orthographic mistakes in MUN, which is her biggest pet peeve. So, everyone who’s joining the KULMUN next year, watch out!

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