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Closing work

With the UNDP Committee nearing its end on the topic of ensuring the right to reproductive freedom, the delegates are moving towards releasing a Draft Resolution, with whom they are –this time understandably- happy with it.

Per usual, the delegates seem a little alienated from the challenges faced around the world, as the first proposed operative clause is about implementing national telemedicine systems, which would be feasible if the whole world had the development level of France.

However, the to-be Draft Resolutions promises a lot of change for women worldwide. Delegations are eager to spread sexual education, which is unfortunately still lacking in many countries worldwide. The most important positive aspect of this document is the practicality of the measures; when we pair that with the change that education brings in matters of sexual health, we might be in for a true global reform on reproductive freedom.

There are also a lot of amendments being proposed on the Working Paper, on which the committee has not voted yet, but given the friendliness that the delegations show to each-other, it is worth believing that in a couple of hours we will have a complete Draft Resolution.

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