We are delighted to announce Alfonso José Salgado Cabrera as our Secretary General for the BIMUN/SINUB conference in november 2017:

„I am a Spanish Law and Business graduate currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Business Administration at ICEX-CECO in Madrid. I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Spain called Rota, so I have enjoyed the advantages of both the big city and the quiet little town.

My first MUN-like experience was the Model European Parliament (MEP), at the age of 17. I continued to participate on it for a couple years so I consider MEP to be my Alma Mater when it comes to international conferences.

However, MUNs have been a very important part of my life for the past years. I have met some of my best friends at them and they taught me very important lessons. I could say that a great part of who I am today I owe to Model UN conferences.

During my life, have been part of many projects related to international discussion and public speaking such as Debate Tournaments and MUNs. However, I have also done some amateur musical theatre as actor, artistic director and scriptwriter. I do not consider myself a great singer, but I think I can defend myself during a karaoke night.

I am very hopeful that this conference will help us all learn about the world that we live in and the challenges that the future has in store. I cannot wait to start working with everyone to make another great BIMUN/SINUB happen!“


We are very happy and proud to announce Johanna Kresin as the Deputy Secretary-General of BIMUN/SINUB 2017:

„I am in the last semester of my bachelor’s degree in political sciences and economics at the University of Erfurt, where I am specializing in international security and Russian foreign affairs. Apart from my enthusiasm for international peace and security, I have been committed to environmental protection since primary school and am interested in environmentally and socially sustainable economic development. Thus, I am planning to pursue an economic-oriented master’s degree after gaining one or two years of work experience. After completing my current internship at the German Embassy in Armenia, I will spend my summer writing my thesis, doing a Russian language course in St. Petersburg, and travelling to the beautiful country of Ghana.

Working a second job at a Berlin-based start-up, I am usually short on free time. However, I always find time for earth-shattering discussions and relaxed afternoons with my friends. I enjoy running, watching movies and playing the piano – although the latter went short due to my frequent change of residence in the past two years. I have a deep love for sushi, avocado and karaoke and love discovering new countries and cultures.

Ever since my first conference in late 2013, MUN has become an integral part of my life and I have participated in over 15 conferences taking up a diverse spectrum of roles. MUN has profoundly shaped my academic and professional development. Most importantly though, MUN has taught me to think globally, appreciate variety, and question my own opinion. I believe the biggest value of MUN simulations lies in intercultural exchange and the promotion of tolerance, international understanding and friendships. Therefore, I am most honored to serve as Deputy Secretary General for BIMUN 2017 alongside Alfonso. I hope that BIMUN 2017 will be an enriching experience for all participants, enabling them to broaden their minds, develop innovative ideas and form long-lasting friendships.“