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  • Be in contact with all departments and check that the work is done correctly and on time

  • Support and guide departments if needed

  • Main contact persons of the association

  • Main contact persons between ExCom and Secretariat

  • Main contact persons with external institutions and persons

  • Organizers of General Assemblies

  • Organizers of Board's meetings

  • Legally responsible persons of the association

Why Presidency?

  • Have an overview of the whole conference organization

  • Opportunity to be invited to events of the City of Bonn

  • Get in contact with important institutions and people

  • Get the experience of organizing a team

  • Develop numerous soft skills


What should you bring with you?

  • Availability

         To be at the presidency means that you have to invest time in taking care that everything is running well

  • Stress management

         Especially the weeks before and the days during the conference

  • Decision-making skills

         There will come times when you need to make crucial decisions

  • Responsibility

          You will be responsible for the whole association and the success of the conference

  • Leadership

          You have to guide, motivate and have a good communication with your team of work

  • Time management

          Being at the presidency requires your time. You have to organize your other activities, so you can also have time for being      

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If you have questions aboutthe Presidency department, please contact

(Anastasia & Maxim)

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