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Conference Summary

With the traditional pound of a wooden hammer by our dear Secretary General Glynn Cooreman supported by her Deputy Joël Koutangni this years’ digital conference BIMUN/SINUB 2020 came to an end. At the 22nd November over seven months of hard work payed off and the results are worth to be shown:

BIMUN/SINUB 2020 or BIMON 2020 brought together 146 participants from 28 countries from all over the world to discuss all kinds of socio-political, environmental and security-related issues as well as historic topics. Subdivided into four large committees like UNCSW, UNCCD, NATO and dynamic Crisis Council focusing on the Second Opium War, the conference gave us a multitude of new and unique insights and perspectives.

Additionally, the delegates managed, even though restricted by the online format, to forge lasting memories and moreover, lasting friendships. Speaking of the digital component of the conference; BIMUNs Executive Committee faced an all-known contemporary concern: the current worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. In respect to all common health and prevention regulations the Executive Committee, supported by the Advisory Board, Secretariat and association members, changed the initially planned physical conference into a digital one. After a lot of effort our #NotYourOdinaryOnlineConfernce became a successful one according to the first feedback. Being made possible by the online-platform BIMON 2020 managed to offer a rare opportunity to broaden one’s horizon in a special environment. Despite some technical problems at first, the conference got back on track in no time! Also, in accordance with the “Green Conference”-concept, BIMUN/SINUB e.V. managed to reduce this conference’s carbon footprint to an absolute minimum. However BIMUN will still compensate its footprint in cooperation with CO2OL ForestFinest Consulting.

Participants and organizers alike learned valuable and useful new skills such as public speaking, taking responsibility and project management. These skills will keep them company during their studies and later their career. Besides this BIMON 2020 offered the delegates the opportunity to listen to presentations, speeches or to visit workshops by remarkable personalities like Álvaro de Soto, major of Bonn Katja Dörner, Lt. Col. Henry Heren from the U.S. Space Force, Dr. Seif Hamisi, Vidi Legowo-Zipperer and Dr. Ursula Sautter.

At this point, we would again like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who made this project possible and memorable. Our thanks go especially to the Foundation for International Dialogue of the Savings Bank in Bonn (Stiftung Internationale Begegnung der Sparkasse in Bonn), the Students Association of the University of Bonn (AStA Bonn), the Secretariat, the Advisory Board, the BIMUNs Activity-Team and all international participants. Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge our long-term partners and sponsors.

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