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Laura Michler (25)

"Live deliberately."

Hi, I'm Laura and I study here at the University of Bonn. During my Bachelor, I studied Philosophy and English Studies and since the summer term 2021, I continue with my Master in Philosophy. I'm passionate about philosophical, cultural and international issues, so my studies and interests kind of led me to BIMUN/SINUB. I participate in the certificate for intercultural competence and I also used to work at the international office of the university and now I work at the department of philosophy. So, besides my studies and my job I really wanted to do something where I can connect with new people and the BIMUN/SINUB association just fits perfectly for that matter. In the ExCom, I'm part of the PR and Media

team who is responsible for our online representation. We are very active on social media and very eager to inform you about ourselves, our association, our upcoming conference in November, our Lecture Series and Get-Togethers during the semester and our partner conferences. Even though, we live in uncertain times due to the pandemic, we are making the most of our BIMUN/SINUB experience and I'm very excited to be part of the ExCom and to gain more skills in the international and intercultural area.


My favorite place in Bonn: the 'Beuler-Seite' at the river (great place to watch the sunset)

My hobbies: lots of sports: Kung Fu, Tai Chi, dancing (Hip-Hop), hiking; travelling

As a child I dreamed of becoming: a super-agent just like Kim Possible (I loved this series!)

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