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Energy of the Future or the Future of Energy - Safe and Global Nuclear Power for the 21st Century

As the world grapples with increasing energy demands and growing concerns about climate change, the exploration of safe and sustainable nuclear power has become imperative. Under the auspices of the IAEA, this committee will focus on addressing the proliferation of nuclear power while enhancing inspection mechanisms to ensure global safety and security.

With rising global energy consumption and the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, nuclear power has emerged as a viable solution to meet the world's energy requirements. However, the expansion of nuclear power comes with its share of challenges, including concerns related to nuclear proliferation, safety, and the disposal of nuclear waste. Finding a balance between harnessing the potential of nuclear energy and mitigating potential risks will be at the heart of the committee's deliberations since the IAEA is uniquely situated to be the flagbearer of the proliferation of safe and secure nuclear energy. The expansion of such energy sources will be the first aim of this topic.

Moreover, the committee will work towards enhancing the IAEA's inspection mechanisms to ensure the global community's confidence in the peaceful nature of nuclear programs. Debates will center on fostering transparency among member states, sharing best practices, and encouraging technology transfers to enable a broader distribution of nuclear power expertise. The committee will also explore innovative approaches to research into next-generation nuclear power technologies, including small modular reactors and thorium-based reactors. By encouraging research and development, the IAEA aims to shape the future of nuclear energy in a sustainable, safe, and secure manner. By collaborating within the framework of the IAEA, participants will work towards a shared vision of global nuclear power utilization that aligns with sustainable development goals, ensures safety, and addresses environmental concerns.


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