Since 2009, BIMUN/SINUB acts as a Green Conference, which means that our conference tries to be as climate-neutral as possible. The association is very proud to have been the first MUN in Germany to be called a Green Conference.
With the idea of a Green Conference, we aim to promote a climate friendly life-style, not only during the Conference but also in everyday life.
BIMUN/SINUB cooperates with CO2OL (Forest Finance Consulting GmbH) and supports a project where the carbon emission of the conference is being compensated through payments per ton. These emissions include the journeys of the delegates, energy to run the Conference venue as well as the Catering. Thus, we encourage the Conference participants to use public transportation as well as opting more often for a vegetarian lunch option.

Moreover, we try to arrange the conference – especially the required material – very environmentally friendly.
Apart from the Conference, we use green energy for our servers and print on recycled paper only.

Climate change affects us all – Take measures to reduce your own carbon footprint!