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Die globale Ressourcenkrise 2077 - Russland im Konflikt?

Wir. Haben. Versagt.

Noch Jahrzehnte später zahlt die Menschheit den Preis für den Zusammenbruch des weltweiten Ökosystems.
Ernteausfälle, extreme Klimaveränderungen, häufige Wetterextreme - all dies führte zu dem Zusammenbruch der Gesellschaft, wie wir sie kennen.
Nationen auf der ganzen Welt kämpften darum, sich anzupassen. Einige schlossen sich in Megastaaten zusammen, andere brachen vollständig zusammen.
In dieser Simulation werdet ihr eine Fraktion an dem Ort kontrollieren, der einst die Russische Föderation war. Was einst war, ist nicht mehr.

Was wirst du tun? Ordnung schaffen, Chaos säen oder deinen eigenen Weg gehen?
Die Wahl liegt bei dir, in dem BIMUN-Crisis-Komitee 2023.


Crisis Director

Thomas Veenstra


I am a 24 year old student in Political Sciences from Antwerp but currently living and studying in Leuven, Belgium. 

I have already MUN’ed in two different continents and several European countries. I am part of the MUN society KU Leuven MUN (KULMUN).

Besides my academic background, I have a passion for climbing and love recreational ice skating, running etc. Furthermore, I love to explore music especially rock, jazz, techno, hip hop and much more.

Be warned for my obsession about cats.

Crisis Backroom

Kean Ooi

Kean Ooi is a half Belgian half Chinese business student from Malaysia who is studying in Brussels and was previously a member of the KU Leuven Model UN Association.
He has a passion for International Politics, Astronomy, dancing salsa badly, and of course MUNing. He has been a dedicated MUNer since high school, attending 15 conferences across Asia, the Middle East, and of course Europe. As BIMUN 2018 was Kean's very first university-level conference he is more than looking forward to returning to his second MUN home and his second favorite conference (just behind KU Leuven's own conference, definitely no bias).


Wendy Dewit


This is Wendy Dewit who is 23 years old and studying at the KU Leuven in Belgium. Wendy has recently graduated with her MSc in International Politics and she is currently studying for her MSc in Statistics and Data Science.
Wendy joined KU Leuven Model United Nations (KULMUN) in 2018 and has spent three years on the Executive Board of KULMUN as Secretary, President, and Conference Manager respectively. Wendy is currently fulfilling her 3-year mandate on the Governing Board of KULMUN.
In her free time, Wendy enjoys hanging out with her friends and reading fantasy books. This will be her third time attending BIMUN and she couldn’t be more excited to provide the best crisis experience for the delegates.

Stijn Servaes

Our crisis backroom is also joined by Stijn Servaes, who recently graduated with a Master of Business Engineering at the KU Leuven.
Stijn started doing MUN at the start of his university career at KULMUN back in 2016 and has continued loving it ever since. For the past few years, he has been chairing conferences around Europe and is mainly interested in crisis committees.

Stijn loves the dynamic aspect of crises; the sense of urgency it adds by changing the context of debates is something that few MUN committees can speak of. He has a deep love of (military) history and is thus beyond excited to help craft a captivating, futuristic crisis together with the rest of the crisis team allowing you the opportunity to shape the world of our descendants. What-if's, uncertainty and building tension are the core to the experience.
To quote Stijn directly:
"I am sure you will enjoy it!"

Stijn Foto.jpg

Crisis Frontroom

Elena-Mari Dorna

Elena Mari.JPG

Elena-Mari Dorna is a 19-year-old student from Leuven, Belgium. She will be one of your crisis chairs for BIMUN 2023.
Her first-ever conference was BIMUN 2021 and this is her first chairing experience, so this will be a full-circle moment for her! Elena-Mari joined her home association, KULMUN, two years ago and since then she has become a real crisis-lover.

When she is not doing MUNs, you can find her reading books or being a full-on theatre kid. She loves languages and next year she will study English and Spanish at the KUL.
She is so excited to meet all of you and hopes this will be a crisis you’ll never forget.

Daryl Tiglao

Daryl Tiglao will be one of your crisis chairs for this year’s BIMUN conference.
He comes from Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, where he studied law. After that, Daryl spent his early career journey doing a few jobs before currently working for a company involved in the renewable energy industry
. Daryl spent his MUN time doing conferences across numerous cities and countries, participating in a varied range of committees. He took part in Crisis committees both as a delegate and as chair, for the latter recently doing it at KULMUN 2023.
This will be Daryl's first time participating at  BIMUN in Bonn, and he hopes to help making the conference a great experience for all who attend!

Daryl - pic.jpg
Crisis Team
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