Viola Parma

Hello everyone, my name is Viola and I am a political science and psychology student from   Bonn, Germany, where I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree. - Academically, I am most interested in the European Union. I started participating in MUNs in my first year of university and have not stopped ever since, filling the position of delegate, journalist, Chair, and now, Editor-in-Chief. Last year I was part of the Executive Committee myself, responsible for the departments Participants and Green Conference. As a member of BIMUN/SINUB e.V., I am now responsible for the weekly activities of the association this year as Co-Head of the Activity-Team. This Conference will be the last one of what one could call a MUN-marathon this year and it could not be a better one, finally returning home. So when offered this position the answer was clear- immediately yes! Other than spreading much MUN-love all over Europe, you can find me playing the piano, cooking, reading, or going for a walk. If you do not know what to talk about at socials, weird animal facts, music recommendations or mythology will always find an open ear. - Together with Jonas, I will make sure you will be surrounded by memes and gossip, with attitude at all times, as you got yourself the Meme King and Meme Queen of BIMUN as Co-Editors this year.