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"UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) works in the world’s toughest places to reach the most disadvantaged children and adolescents – and to protect the rights of every child, everywhere. Across more than 190 countries and territories, we do whatever it takes to help children survive, thrive and fulfill their potential, from early childhood through adolescence. The world’s largest provider of vaccines, we support child health and nutrition, safe water and sanitation, quality education and skill building, HIV prevention and treatment for mothers and babies, and the protection of children and adolescents from violence and exploitation."

- cf.: Website of UNICEF -

Topic A

Let girls learn: Gender (in)equality

in secondary education

It has been shown over and over again that women’s education ensures greater equality between men and women and promotes the Sustainable Development Goals through economic, social, and inclusive growth. There is already a very strong existing framework of solutions to improve Gender Equality in education, so it will be an interesting challenge for delegates to come up with their own original ideas or extensions of already existing programs.

Topic B

Forgotten children:

the pediatric HIV epidemic

The UN has vowed to eradicate HIV and AIDS by 2030 as part of the third Sustainable Development Goal: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. For now, the HIV epidemic continues to have a disproportionate impact on children. The solution does not lie only in improving access to healthcare, but also in combating the shame and cultural prejudice surrounding HIV and Aids.



Marie-Sophie Boute.jpeg

Marie-Sophie Boute

Hello! My name is Marie-Sophie, I’m 23 years old. I’m French and Polish and I grew up bilingual and I had the chance to go to an international school which unsurprisingly led me to MUNing. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in European Studies in Maastricht, The Netherlands.
MUNs have been an important part of my journey. They helped me step out of my comfort zone, meet incredible people and boost my confidence. Now, I am honored to be able to be part of such an experience for other people! 
In my free time, I love baking, watching tv shows and jumping ridiculously high fences on a horse.

Pippa Maertens

My name is Pippa Maertens and I will be chairing the UNICEF committee. I am very excited about chairing BIMUN since it was the first conference I ever attended. I am sure it will be a beautiful full-circle moment. I divide my time between the two most beautiful cities in Belgium: Ghent, where I am originally from, and Leuven, where I go to university to study law. In my first year of law school, I joined the KU Leuven Model United Nations Association (KULMUN) and immediately fell in love with MUNing. I have since then joined multiple conferences as a delegate, journalist or chair. When I’m not MUNing or working for university, you can either find me catching up with friends at a bar, trying new recipes in my kitchen, or practicing bass guitar in my room.

Pippa Maertens.jpeg
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