A) The waste challenge: Production and disposal of plastic

B) Reducing reliance on oil drilling and other extractive sources.

The waste challenge: Production and disposal of plastic

Since the 1950’s the world’s production of plastic waste has steadily increased each and every decade.  Currently, one of the largest problems that the world has to address is the mismanagement of plastic waste.  Developing countries and specifically growing economies in east Asia (China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) are producing an increasing amount of plastic waste.  Much of this goes on to be mismanaged and the plastic waste from these countries finds its way to the ocean. Dealing with how to create better plastic waste management systems and infrastructure would be the key task of committee for this topic.

At BIMUN 2018, the committee will be dealing with many controversial questions, such as measures against Member States with high plastic mismanagement that both help and keep them accountable for reducing their plastic mismanaged wasted output.

Reducing reliance on oil drilling and other extractive sources

On the topic of reliance on oil drilling the committee will be discussing how countries can eliminate or decrease their dependence on fossil fuels or other non-renewable energy sources. The extractive sector includes oil, gas, and mining industries that rely on extracting fossil fuels or rare earth metals from the ground. These resources, although vital to a country’s economy, create serious environmental and health hazards for those working in this industry. Overconsumption of extractive resources strains natural resources that could collapse. The consumption of these resources releases pollutants that include carbon dioxide that make the area near extraction sites more harmful to human health. The committee’s focus will be set on decreasing dependence on extractive resources because of the world’s growing population and environmental degradation that make it harder to accomodate more people on the planet.



Country list:

 Australia  Brazil  Canada  China*  Colombia
 Egypt  Ethiopia France  Germany  India*
 Indonesia  Iran  Ivory Coast  Japan  Kenya
 Mexico  Netherlands  Nigeria  Pakistan  Philippines
 Poland Peru  Russia  South Africa  Sweden
Thailand  Turkey United Kingdom  United States of America*  Vietnam

* For experienced delegates only

CHAIRS – Matthew Taylor & Borja Pampillon