Human Rights in a
Digitalizing World

Our SG, Nick, and DSG, Ana, are explaining what is behind this topic:

"The theme we chose for this year’s edition of BIMUN/SINUB is human rights in a digitalizing world. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it very clear to all of us how we rely more and more on technology. Without meetings on Zoom, Skype, Teams or other online platforms our economy and our schools could not have continued working as it has for the past year and the economic fallback of the pandemic would have been even worse.

However, the past year has also shown there are still many obstacles relating to the digitalization of our society. The most obvious one is the digital divide: according to the World Economic Forum, almost half the world population still has no Internet access, with only 19% of the population of the least developed countries having access to the web according to UNESCO data. Enhancing digitalization worldwide can have a positive impact on educating people and raising awareness, not to mention the advantages in other sectors such as for example agriculture, entrepreneurship and state efficiency.

Countries where the majority of the population has Internet access face other problems. Ethical concerns with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the spectacular evolution of deepfake videos and pictures, the commercial use of big data, ... a lot of developed society’s urgent problems that require immediate attention from our leaders have to do with the digital world. Thinking about these challenges now and establishing clear rules and frameworks can only benefit our society as a whole. It is that critical thinking we want to encourage in young people who might become the leaders that have to navigate our society through a fully digitalized society."

Nick Stollenwerk

Nick Stollenwerk

My name is Nick Stollenwerk. I come from Antwerp, Belgium and am 25 years old. I studied conference interpreting (French & Spanish to Dutch), but I am now working as a consultant in Brussels in the sector of wage policy for health care professionals. As a result of my studies I speak 4 languages: Dutch (native), English, French and Spanish, though I can ask for a glühwein at Bonn’s Christmas market in German if I have to.

I got into MUNing through my older brother Lars, who was a passionate MUNer himself. He introduced me to the concept and finally convinced me to try out a conference. That was BerlinMUN in 2018. I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and the whole concept of MUNs and have continued to enjoy them to this day.

What I like about MUNing is the passion for politics all the participants have. The idea that young people from all over Europe and the world are willing to commit and go research some of the world’s most pressing international issues and spend days of their free time debating them or reporting on them is very inspiring to me. I also really like how quickly you can form connections and even true friendships with people from other countries. For me, MUNing is the perfect balance of social and political self-development, while also not forgetting the chance to practice your foreign language and public speaking skills.

In my free time I like to read a lot, I’m working my way through the big fantasy classics at the moment. Next to that I also like to discover new beers and try my hand at making cocktails. Finally, I just enjoy talking to people and getting to know them, especially if I can practice my foreign languages at the same time.

Ana Maria Buttkus Ocampo

My name is Ana Maria Buttkus Ocampo. I'm 26 years old.

I Studien law in Dresden and Münster and recently moved to Bonn where I work as a trainee lawyer.

I speak Spanish, English, German and little bit of French.

I started MUNing when I was 13 years old, so you could say I've spent half of my live MUNing. I love discussing about intricate topics with people from different backgrounds and working together towards finding creative and hopefully realistic solutions. What I enjoy the most about MUNing is getting to know incredible human beings that keep me inspired.

In my free time I like to skate, wether on ice or on the pavement, I try to do it all year round. I enjoy reading, dancing, trying out new recipes, and of course, traveling.

Ana Maria Buttkus