To ensure a smooth running of the conference, we need to establish a few rules of your participation.

Photo and Film material

There will be a conference photographer. If you participate in the conference, you might be photographed and you grant us the right to use these pictures for promotion and sponsor acquisition purposes. You grant us the same rights if we may film you during the conference. You also grant the authors of the material to use it for artistic purposes.


  1. The conference’s organisers are all volunteering in their free time to organise BIMUN/SINUB. Therefore, in the unfortunate case your legal interests are infringed upon, BIMUN/SINUB e.V. [BIMUN/SINUB Association] and each team member shall only be responsible for intent or gross negligence.
  2. If 3rd parties, employed by the BIMUN/SINUB Association or by the conference’s organisers, infringe upon your legal interests, you shall seek regress with the 3rd parties first before holding the BIMUN/SINUB Association accountable.
  3. you shall hold individuals organising BIMUN/SINUB only accountable if other regress is unavailable.

Personal Data

To apply, you will send personal data to us. Here is how we will use it:

  1. We will save and use the data for the purpose of your participation at the conference.
  2. We might transfer your data in anonymised form (without your name and contact information) to sponsors for accounting purposes.

Without your explicit consent, we will never transfer any identifiable data including contact information to any other entity except to possible successors and/or sub-organisations of the BIMUN/SINUB Association

Cancellation Policy

A delegate may cancel the application at any time. The BIMUN/SINUB Association will, in its sole and absolute discretion, allow the reimbursement of the participation fee and cost of accommodation and transportation. If the application should be cancelled after October 23rd, the participation fee and accommodation cost is considered not to be refundable.

Visa Requirements 

Participants are responsible on their own to apply for Schengen visa if necessary. The Executive Committee can support the delegate in the process by sending a letter to the delegate for the issuing of an entrance visa.

Participants from non-EU countries who require a visa are obliged to comply with their visa requirements. Therefore, it is those participants’ duty to attend the conference. In particular cases and with prior notice to the BIMUN/SINUB Executive Committee participants can be discharged of this duty.

Transaction Charge

The BIMUN/SINUB Association will not cover any transaction charges that might occur when money is transferred. All costs need to be covered by the participant.