The most important ingredient in creating a successful and fun Model United Nation Conference is time. This process may not seem time-consuming but the preparation of this conference started back in January; eleven months before BIMUN/ SINUB 2019. The ExCom (Executive Committee) had to meet on a weekly basis and often even more frequently. During these meetings everything from fundraising to decoration has to be planned. Even seemingly minor and inconspicuous details like lanyard colours or coffee cup designs need to be addressed. This requires a lot of time and discipline. But a MUN is expensive: they have to finance the food, interpreters, venues, socials and even everyday-needs for the organisation. This is made possible by the ExCom mostly by finding sponsors. Not only finding them but to even persuade and to look after the sponsors is not an easy task at all. Moreover you have to inform sponsors and potential delegates of the concept and social-political value of MUNing. The next task is to find suitable venues for socials and the conference itself. Even though the range of possible locations in Bonn is large, only a few suit BIMUNs requirements and price margin. Financing is even more complicated given the strict rules of the German state concerning money being spent by organisations.

To fill these venues with people, BIMUN has to produce ads, keep a good and steady social media presence, hold Lectures and BIMUN representatives have to be present at many international events in Bonn and the whole region.

Additionally BIMUN needs to keep up the work besides the conference.

There is always the pressure in not only trying to please everyone, but even to have as many applicants as possible. For the Conference itself a topic has to be found on which all different committees should orient themselves. The committees also need chairs which have to be interviewed and specially selected. Moreover speakers and patrons have to be found, which are a key component of MUNs.

These challenges are made even harder, given the fact that all ExCom members are organizing a MUN for the first time. They just joined the organisation and have no prior experience; they have only their own effort and the occasional help of the former ExCom members. This is why we own the ExCom and its former members much gratitude for withstanding this burden but also this joyful opportunity planning and executing something so big and amazing. The conference is not the end of the ExComs responsibility, it is more a small pause between organizing even more events, to which all of you are invited to participate.

-Niklas Kemmerzell