BONN-TODAY, during the a meeting of the extreme LEFT-WING ‚UNWomen’s council‘, the CORRUPT  AND COMMUNIST Chinese delegate without reason attacked one of our own. Ambassador Pippa Maertens has bravely served our nation, having SERVED TWICE IN IRAQ and continuing to serve the people as a reserve officer in the Kentucky National Guard. The Communists  accused these United States of intervening in the recent elections of Hong Kong which was brutally annexed by the False Government in Beijing in 1997. The Independent Patriot  asked the Rightful Government of the Republic of China ,temporarily seated in Taiwan, for a response, but we have not yet received a response. The American People and The Independent Patriot stand by the brave patriots of the Hong Kong Protests. Ambassador Pippa Maertens responded with the greatest composure on this assault against America by saying that this had nothing to do with the topic being discussed and, with sufficient resolve, brought the grievances of the American People into the response by telling the Committee that the American People were disgusted.