To prepare yourself as a delegate for the Conference we highly recommend you to read the study guides provided by the Chairs as they give you an overview of your committee and its mandate as well as an introduction into the topic. It is the basis for the debate.
Additionally, you should research your country’s position on the topics as well as current developments. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and newspaper articles as well as scientific studies are sound sources to start your research. Of course, you should also check your country’s opinion during the past and research the voting on (UN-)documents with similar content.
And finally, research on possible solutions for the problem discussed should be done to include it in a possible Resolution.


A position paper gives an overview of your country’s position.
The header should contain your name, the country you represent and the committee. Generally, you should outline the relevance of the topic, your country’s overall position, points you would like to address during the debate and name possible solutions for the problem.
More information on format, style, length (usually 1-2 pages) and content will you get from your chairs.


The Rules of Procedures (RoP) are the basis for the entire Conference and the working basis for the committee sessions and the media team. Therefore, we suggest you to read the
To all the first timers among you: don’t be afraid – it is easier than it sounds and your Chairs will guide you with explanations through the different stages and steps of the debate.