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Neele Hartel (22)

"A year from now you may wish
you had started 

I am studying political science and sociology in my major subject and public law in my minor subject. I have always been interested in politics and discussing topics of international relations with others. Next to my studies BIMUN/SINUB is giving me the opportunity to meet like-minded people and to collect experiences in the area of diplomacy. As a member of the ExCom, I would like to organize an event that is giving these opportunities to others. In my position as a vice president, I am supporting Nancy in the internal organization of our ExCom, in the legal issues of the association and in the general representation of BIMUN/SINUB e.V. As a part of the PR-team I am not just responsible for the website but also for our social media posts and to stay in contact with our partner associations.


My hobbies: exploring the world, baking, taking photos, drawing, learning new languages, daydreaming

I like: Lasagne, Biathlon, West Auckland, neat handwriting, meerkats, The Greatest Showman, watercolors, blouses, black sand beaches, postcards, history classes, homemade lemonade, summer

As a child I dreamed of becoming: a professional biathlete or an author

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