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Nancy Prieto (23)

"And may your limits be unknown
and may your efforts be your own."

Hi there! My name is Nancy Prieto and I am currently in the second semester of my bachelor's degree. I am studying "Politik und Gesellschaft" (Politics and Society) with a minor in Economics. I learned about the work of the BIMUN/SINUB association through the "Welcome Days" for international students. After that, I started to participate every Wednesday in the Get Togethers and to form a friendship with the members of the association.  Due to the current coronavirus situation, it has not been possible for me to meet many people from the university, but BIMUN/SINUB has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people.

After seeing the incredible work that BIMUN/SINUB does by raising awareness of international issues, my interest for the MUN world and for political issues, I decided to apply for this year´s Executive Committe. I am now the president of BIMUN/SINUB and with the help of Neele, the vice-president, we are in charge of representing the association externally, organizing the executive committee internally, being the communication point between the Board and the conference organization, and ensuring that the spirit and motivation of the team are always high.


My hobbies: I like to make photos, do exercise, read thriller books, sing, dance, and watch series.

As a child I dreamed of becoming: a diplomat working for the United Nations

As a superhero I’d like to have this superpower: teletransportation, so I can go anytime I want to Mexico

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