What is a MUN-conference without a Media-Team? As crucial as in reality, the Media-Team supplies the whole conference with  news about the most recent developments.  Journalists critically accompany the work of their committees, conduct interviews write articles and – of course – twitter memes and gossip. Being part of the media gives Journalists the chance to see the bigger picture of BIMUN, to serve as the binding force between all committees.

Independently whether you are a first-time participant with passion for journalism or an experienced MUNer who has done everything else than being a journalist, we promise you an unique experience from a very different angle. Use your creativity and enthusiasm to shape the debate in your respective committee. Be part of the neural system of BIMUN 2018 and apply for the Media-Team.


Editors-in-Chief – Kelli-Anne and Tina

Kelli-Anne Tim was born in Johannesburg, South Africa before she immigrated to Toronto, Canada. She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at York University in Toronto. Currently, she’s studying her Masters in History, Political Science, and Sociology at the University of Siegen in Germany. She discovered her passion for MUN at her first conference, SiegMUN, in November 2016. Since then, she participated in many conferences as a delegate and even went with her delegation to National MUN in New York in 2017. She has been chair and press director at conferences throughout Europe. She is the Secretary General for NapoMUN 2018 and one of the USG Academics for HamMUN 2018. Beyond her love of MUN, she loves dogs, binge watching tv shows, travelling, playing tabletop games and of course, partying. She is excited to be Editor-in-Chief at BIMUN/SINUB2018 and looks forward to seeing you all there!

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