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Marie-Claire Wimmer (22)

"Stand up for what you believe in,

even if it means standing alone."

As someone who got the chance to travel many countries and meet various kinds of people, I know how deeply important it is to advocate cultural and international exchange. This understanding is necessary for our global issues like climate change, poverty and international terrorism if we want to find a global longterm solution. We the members of BIMUN/SINUB can not solve all these problems but we can and will enhance this exchange between young students.

I am studying law. During my time as a member of the executive board of BIMUN/SINUB e.V. I am in charge of the lecture series and all upcoming events. Due to that I reach out to potential speakers for the lectures, as well as I plan and organize the events. Additionally, I am considering how everyone gets the most out of our events/lecture series and how I can encourage more young people “to tap in” our organization.


My favorite place in Bonn: the "Bundeskunsthalle"


As a child I dreamed of becoming: notorious RBG, Jane Godall, my mum


On a desert island I'd take with me: my best friends

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