Grown up in the beautiful Ahr-valley near Bonn, Lisa came in touch early with the international spirit and cultural possibilities of the former capital and UN-City Bonn. To cover her love for history and politics while finishing her Master in Comparative Literature and Economics, she jumped on the MUNing train last summer and has been truly enthusiastic ever since.

Taking responsibility as President of BIMUN/SINUB 2018 is a welcome opportunity for Lisa to contribute a little to transferring her personal utopia to reality which consist of establishing a healthy social debate culture, passing on knowledge to enable people to participate politically and raising awareness for upcoming challenges like climate change and a shifting society facing globalization or digitalization. Getting some insight into the importance of international cooperation as a working student at Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V., Lisa hopes to enrich BIMUN/SINUBs purpose with this awareness.

Lisa looks forward to gaining lots of new impressions and working with the highly motivated ExCom-Team to crown their tenure with another outstanding BIMUN/SINUB conference in November 2018. Despite searching for new challenges along the way at work or university, Lisa enjoys great food, discovering new places, doing or watching sports and laughing at stupid puns in company of amazing people.