Why Finance?

What you should bring with you?

  • Preparation of the financial plan for the conference and the board year

  • Keeping the bookkeeping

  • Responsibility of the BIMUN account

  • Responsibility for all transfers and verification of incoming payments

  • Responsibility to keep an overview of the overall financial planning and to always stay in close consultation with the planned expenditures of the other departments

  • In addition to conference costs, also manage membership fees etc.

  • You will gain practical insights into the financial coordination of an association.

  • You are always in close contact with the other departments.

  • You learn a lot about accounting, Excel spreadsheets and other organizational applications.

  • You can apply the theory you might have learned in your studies for the first time without any pressure.
    (the advisary boad and the other departments are always ready to help if you have questions or are unsure).

  • the work is relatively evenly spread over the whole year


  • you should be open to handle the budget of the association in a responsible way

  • Enthusiasm for financial issues and dealing with cost statements

  • Responsibility and good time management, as some transfers have to be made in a timely manner.

  • You should be willing to exchange ideas with the other departments on a regular basis and keep an eye on the "big picture"

If you have questions about
the Finance department, please contact