Koen Kockx

Hello everyone, my name is Koen Kockx and I have to honor the be one of the chairs of the European Council at BIMUN/SINUB 2022. I am a 22-year old law student from Belgium, studying in Leuven where I specialize in international and European law. When I was a delegate at BIMUN 2021 conference, I immediately knew I wanted to chair there as well and now my dream has become a reality. Together with Manon, I hope we can provide an unforgettable experience for the delegates. - In my free time I like to spend time organizing our own conference (KULMUN) as the vice-conference manager and visiting MUN's all over Europe. I love playing and discussing basketball or going for a refreshing beer after a long day of work. I can't wait to visit Bonn again (especially the Christmas Market) and look forward to meeting all of you in November!

Koen Kockx.jpeg