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Johanna Fietze (21)

"Et kütt wie et kütt."

engl.: What will be, will be.

Following my interest in European and Global politics, I started my studies at the University of Bonn in 2019, majoring in Political Science though at heart I remain a 'kölsches Mädche'. After participating in BIMUN 2020 as a delegate and a long conversation with former members, I decided to take on the opportunity to organize one of the biggest European MUNs.

Now I will be responsible for the Participants Department which includes organizing the logistics of the Secretariat and delegations and managing the applications of all the delegates.


My favorite place in Bonn: Rheinpromenade

As a child I dreamed of becoming: a Jedi knight like Ahsoka Tano

As a superhero I’d like to have this superpower: Superspeed

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