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After a long journey, I’ve turned inward and found the light. Seriously though. I’ll be soon in my second semester of South Asian Studies (i.e.: the Indian subcontinent, albeit a term that some might consider too India-focused) and Hindi. I felt that it’d be great to connect with students outside of my little universe and so I decided to go to one of the many virtual BIMUN get-togethers. One of these meetings was dedicated to the previous ExCom talking about their work and the different departments. I’ve instantly felt their team spirit and how much they enjoy their work at BIMUN. And in my head I’ve heard myself say: “I wanna be a part of that!“. During David’s (my successor) talk about the Lecture Series I’ve asked him a question and immediately felt a connection. Long story short, together with another great colleague, Marie-Claire, I now run the Lecture Series department. And it’s a privilege to serve on the current ExCom.