Ilan Einstoss Pato

Dear Delegates, name is Ilan Einstoss Pato and it is my honour to be one of your Chairs for this year’s BIMUN. I was born to Portuguese / Brazilian parents in Brussels, Belgium, where I lived for practically all my life before moving to Lisbon last year for university. Today I’m starting my 2nd year as an International Relations student at the Social and Political Sciences faculty (ISCSP) of the University of Lisbon; and while I'm not yet an MUN master with a hundred MUN conferences under my belt, I’m not a total 
rookie either, given that this is going to be my 4th time chairing. - Now, in this next edition of BIMUN, I, along with the rest of the chairing team, hope to provide you with an equally sensational conference experience. We look forwards to providing you with an in-depth understanding of the topic at hand, helping you hone your debating, negotiation and other soft skills, along with getting a realistic feeling for what it’s like to work in 21st-century diplomacy. We’re counting on all of you to prepare thoroughly so everyone can have the best experience. We look forwards to meeting all of you at the conference!

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