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You believe that respect for human dignity and the effective compliance with human rights is the starting point for long-term peace? Join the Human Rights Council to set the basis for a better world!

The Human Rights Council is responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights, addressing human rights violations and recommending improvements to human rights situations. Its major fields of action are the setting of human rights standards, the monitoring of human rights situations and the in-field implementation of programs. The Human Rights Council is composed of 47 Member States.

Topic A: The commission of crimes in the name of freedom of expression and religion.

The freedom of expression and religion are fundamental human rights that are connected to State’s responsibility for their realization. However, a new era has emerged, as these freedoms and rights have been misinterpreted by individuals or groups of people, usually used as an alibi for the commission of crimes. In the name of different political or religious beliefs, crimes against humanity and circumstances of degrading treatment are taking place, altering the essence of human rights and leading to their violation. Should we not examine the root cause of these incidents, the situation will become unprecedentedly dangerous.

Topic B: The Philippines – Drug War and other human rights concerns.

The Philippines doesn’t enter the world news often; increasingly however, it has become associated with one thing. And one thing only: the Drug War.

It has been close to a year since it began, and the death toll has been in the thousands. Only a small minority in society caring for justice; the many and disillusioned turn a blind eye. Human rights groups and journalists, local and international, have called Duterte out on the blood spilled but he has the support of masses eager to believe his message for change. Critics are being slowly, but surely marginalized and little is being done beyond superficial platitudes to assure people the police will exercise restraint.

Furthermore, with militant Islamic extremism on the rise in the south once again, a third of the country is now under martial law. With seemingly the backing of Congress and the courts, the situation in Marawi looks uncertain for now. Not only does Manila have to ensure that people are not being unduly killed, it now has to ensure that it treads carefully in Mindanao, it must maintain the human rights of all those trapped and fleeing are maintained and that the government not overstep their bounds.


Country Matrix

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  • Palestine (Observer)

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