N’Djamena-Two german aid workers,  two sisters aged 21 and 23 respectively got kidnapped in N’Djamena, the capital of Chad. The ladies were NGO members working under “Action against hunger” since March 2019. The horrifying news has led to a shock not only to the German government but also to the rest of the world sending NGO aid workers. Several countries have already decided to withdraw their NGOs to maintain peace and security of their countrymen. This vulnerable incident has led the countries to think of sending NGOs in such dangerous areas. Considering the prevailing insurgency of the Boko Haram close to the Nigerian border, the ministry of most of the countries are a bit reluctant in sending troops to Chad.

Since the german foreign ministry has expressed a desire to withdraw all their aid workers and volunteers from the region, China sends condolences to the people suffered and has asked Germany to take some immediate actions. Reacting to the devastating incident, Belgium firstly sends condolences and withdraws all the aid workers for the security of the their beloved ones but assures that they can send back the aid workers after security measures are taken into mind by the UN. Contrary to that, the USA says that withdrawing the workers will create deep problems with the economy of the country. South Africa, looking at the ongoing events, wishes to think for a while about sending their troops in order to maintain peace and harmony.

Ruturaj Chavan