BIMUN/SINUB’s Executive Committee is very happy to introduce this year’s Secretariat to you:

Konstantina Nathanail as Secretary-General and Christian Richter as Deputy Secretary-General

Picture credits: Munusal / Victor E. Iglesias

My name is Konstantina Nathanail, and this November I will have the honour to serve as the Secretary General of BIMUN 2018!
I was born and raised in Greece, where I attended an international German school, and a few years ago I moved to Berlin, in order to pursue my law studies. Next semester I will be moving again, this time to Geneva, where I will devote my specialization year to International Law.

I discovered my passion for Model United Nations 5 years ago, and I am grateful for having been introduced to a world of incredible people and unforgettable experiences. Through MUN, I have found the experience, knowledge and inspiration that created in me a sense of commitment to community and service, and I have discovered a different aspect of myself, purposeful, responsible and full of determination and enthusiasm.

Therefore, in my function as Secretary General, it is my goal to help provide a conference that represents everything that made me fall in love with MUNs in the first place: Intriguing topics throughout the spectrum of international bodies, high quality content that facilitates exciting debates and – of course – unlimited enthusiasm and passion for MUN itself! I feel especially honoured to do so in a conference with such a long tradition, surrounded by amazing people that I am lucky enough to call my friends and colleagues.

I look forward to meeting all of you in Bonn, for a conference with top-notch debates and unforgettable socials: BIMUN 2018!


Picture credits: BIMUN/SINUB / Karina Blommen

Christian Richter, 23 years old, pursues a Master Degree in Economics with a major in quantitative Policy Evaluation at the University of Bonn. Fascinated by International Politics, he entered the MUN world in 2015 when he joined the KU Leuven Model United Nations Association (KULMUN) during his ERASMUS semester.

The following three years have transformed him into a MUN enthusiast and he discovered the values that constitute Model United Nations such as academic excellence, intercultural exchange, mutual understanding and true friendship. Until now, this passion for MUNs resulted in more than ten conferences across Europe which Christian has attended as Delegate, Journalist, Chair, Crisis Staff and Member of the Executive Board.

Having participated in the last two, marvelous editions of BIMUN/SINUB as Delegate and Member of the Executive Board, he is more than thrilled to take on the role of the Deputy Secretary-General at BIMUN/SINUB 2018. Together with the new, dedicated BIMUN/SINUB Executive Board and the Secretariat Christian strives to make BIMUN/SINUB 2018 an incredible and unique experience for everyone.

He is already extremely excited to welcome you all in the UN-city of Bonn for the 17th edition of the BIMUN/SINUB conference in November 2018.


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