Ana & Sherani

Ana is a medical student in her sixth and final year. She comes from the Spanish university town of Salamanca, and got irremediably tangled up in the MUN world through her home conference MUNUSAL. Given her past experiences, she might or might not be considering “MUNing and its dangerous and addictive effects on human health”as a topic for her bachelor thesis.

She really enjoys the press team, and was Editor-in-Chief in the last edition of BIMUN/SINUB, but she has always expressed a clear and unabashed favoritism for one of the usual MUN committees: the mighty Security Council. She is absolutely thrilled to be chairing it for the first time, and hopes that all her delegates will have as much fun in it as she always does.

Ana gets overly excited whenever she hears a Spanish party song in a foreign country, will ask to pet any cute dog she meets on the street, and is split between dancing the night away or sitting down in a quiet corner and getting to know people better. Third time’s the charm, so she hopes she will actually be able to visit the Haribo store while in Bonn this year.

Sherani is a graduate in International Relations , majoring in International Law and history. He was the Vice President and President of his university’s debating Society. He is from Islamabad, Pakistan. He has devoted a lionshare amount of his time in MUN’s and debates. He has proven himself as a strong and logical debater in MUNs and parliamentary debates and with a diverse career.  He has chaired various committees at numerous conferences but the Security Council remains his favorite.
He aspires to be a parliamentarian, and hopes to play his part in the betterment of his country and humanity as a whole. He has a Charismatic personality and great social skills . Other than that, he is a writer, a motivacional speaker and a poet. He is also a photographer by passion and cherishes his inner nomad by adventurous travels. In his free time he reads books and watches alot of movies.

 Sherani is trilled to be part of this years BIMUN/SINUB, and hopes to endevour on a journey of good arguments, the beautiful city of Bonn. He hopes that all his delegates have the same amount of fun as he will while ensuring that they respect their fellow delegates and the art of debate.